Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Another day.

I fell asleep at around midnight. I squeezed into my sleeping bag in my cold bedroom...still haven't turned the heat on... I'm too cheap. I was hoping for some vivid dreams and I got them. This girl I know showed up in my mind. She was just stopping by for a little while. I'm pretty sure she had to get back to her boyfriend, cause she didn't stay long. My alarm went off and everything ended. I scrambled for a pen because I wanted to jot down the events of last night. I didn't have much to write. I couldn't remember...I fell back asleep. I never push the snooze button. I usually just wake up and pull myself together within a minute or two. Not today. I wanted her to come back. Asleep again. It seemed like eternity. I think I was dreaming again but I don't remember what happened. I woke up, this time I was frantic. I figured I slept well into my class. It's hard to get an education if you sleep through it. I wasn't all that late...but I took my time getting ready. There was no need for a shower, just a little water on the face and some clean teeth. I ate a piece of bread. It was the cinnamon raisin kind. I'm a big fan. I put some clothes on, slipped on my shoes, and got on my bike and rode to school.

I locked my bike up like I always do. I was sweating a bit under all my layers. Riding a mountain bike on the road is a bit of work and it isn't very warm at 8am. I went to door of my class and opened it. I was expecting to see my classmates and an annoyed professor, but the room was empty. Then came the light. It was brightest light I had ever seen; an explosion coming from high in the sky. It was the brightest light imaginable. Its whiteness burned through my eyes and its force blew me back out the door. The building collapsed in front of me. The entire city was gone. My skin was gone. Everyone I knew was gone. I didn't wake up.


Blogger Lorianne said...

Hmmmm, the students in my morning class sleep, too. Except they come to class to do it... ;-)

12:22 PM


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